Businesses in financial stress need legal counseling from lawyers who can provide innovative legal solutions based on real world experience. This is true on both the debtor and creditor side of bankruptcy, financial restructuring, insolvencies, corporate reorganizations and other challenging events. Business reorganization of any type is a challenge, but the opportunities are great.

The lawyers at The Tamposi Law Group, P.C. are strategic thinkers with extensive experience in bankruptcy, financial restructuring and business reorganization. We identify problems before they occur and rise above them by providing solutions that lead to success. Our goal is to get your business back on track as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Although we ply our trade in the bankruptcy courts, we recognize that your financial restructuring may be better achieved through one or more out-of-court solutions. In many instances, we can achieve a reorganization much more quickly and more cost effectively by staying out of bankruptcy court. There are many roads to a successful reorganization, and we have experience in all of them.

Our lawyers excel in the resolution of disputes across New Hampshire and Massachusetts, in the areas of:


-Business Litigation

-Financial Restructuring

-Out-of-Court Resolutions

Our experience can guide you through any of the above areas and help you and your business get back on track.

Our business is keeping you in business.

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