The Tamposi Law Group handles a wide range of bankruptcy and reorganization cases on behalf of clients throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our experienced lawyers specialize in helping small businesses financially restructure to meet the challenges presented by the current marketplace.

The Tamposi Law Group assists clients in matters from the earliest stages of economic trouble through bankruptcy and reorganization. We provide legal assistance in financial restructuring and bankruptcy law, including Chapter 11 business reorganization, workouts, debtor-creditor matters and Chapter 7 consumer bankruptcies.

With our extensive experience with the U.S. bankruptcy process and our expert knowledge of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings and foreclosures, we’ll provide the expert guidance and advice you need to successfully navigate the bankruptcy process and get your finances back on track.

Our bankruptcy law practice areas include:

-Chapter 7 (liquidation) Bankruptcies
-Chapter 11 (business restructuring)
-Chapter 13 (reorganization) Bankruptcies
-Foreclosure/Workout Negotiation (loan restructuring)
-Lien Avoidance
-Car and Property Exemptions

At The Tamposi Law Group, our attorneys are professional, personable, and discreet. We keep our cases and the identify of our clients confidential, while treating each case with compassion and focusing on helping you plan for a brighter financial future.

Our legal representatives counsel clients on all aspects of commercial and business bankruptcy, including insolvency, payment defaults, covenant defaults, adverse judgments, business reorganization and bankruptcy litigation.

Contact our team today and find the guidance and experience you need to understand your options and get your finances back on track.