Out-Of-Court Options

At The Tamposi Law Group, our lawyers know that litigation is not always the best, fastest, or most cost-efficient manner in which to resolve disputes. We recommend that clients take the time to explore and discuss their options to in-court resolution of their disputes.

Out-of-court options and restructuring are viable and cost effective solutions for businesses that want to continue in business, negotiate terms, and restructure debt. Such negotiated resolutions can be quick, quiet, and far less expensive than a restructuring through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The lawyers at The Tamposi Law Group work diligently to craft innovative out-of-court solutions, and provide responsive advice for potentially catastrophic disputes.

When out-of-court resolution of issues cannot be accomplished, we aspire to make the litigation process a cost-efficient one, in view of client aspirations.

The Tamposi Law Group today to find the best option for your needs.